About me

Hi there,

I am Stefan, a game designer and coder, depending on the perspective also a problem solver and artist. I am enthusiastic about creative processes and exciting challenges. For particularly tenacious problems, I like to turn day into night, especially when inspired by the Muses.

I have been passionately creating video games for over 7 years, within that time frame I study at the amazing Hochschule der Medien, worked with awesome people and followed my own passion and created games I loved. I learned a lot about games and media and I’m looking forward to keep improving my knowledge and experience of this world and to grow with every new challenge.

If you are looking for someone to support you in the area of games, UX, apps or web then I am the right person for you. For more information about my background and qualifications, feel free to have a look at my LinkedIn or check out my previous works, which are displayed on this site.

When I am not creating or consuming media, I like to go jogging, play improvisational theater, play pen&paper or do some cooking.