Over the years I have developed and released a lot of games. This timeline shows my best creations and those that best represent my progression as Game Developer.

In Production
Dive into the fun experience of Cells, where you must use your smarts to solve engaging puzzles and create a lot of positive energy. Get catched in the good vibes and carefree mood of this game and let the time fly by.
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GMTK Game Jam 2023
Reverse Hunting
It's time to turn the tables. These pesky hunters have been a threat for way too long! Now it's your turn to strike back. But getting too close is too dangerous, so you have to hit them where it hurts and destroy their camp.
That will teach them a lesson!
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Feb. 2023
Global Game Jam 2023
Ahoy there Space Viking! Your home planet needs your help as it is running out of the it's essence of life. To save it you must find the fabled world tree Yggdrasil and reconnect it's root to your home planet.
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Oct. 2020
Playstore Release
Nature World
In cooperation with Hanging Gardens and Greenbox Animation I worked on the Game Projekt Naturworld. Nature World is a game made for the "Naturkundemuseum Stuttgart", which aims to improve the experience of kids visiting the museum.
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Jan. 2020
Global Game Jam 2020
Test your reaction speed in Train Action 3K. Drive down an endless track, while your train keeps falling apart. But don't worry there are plenty of materials along the road to repair your vehicle and plenty of storage room to save these for later. How long can you keep this train running?

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Sept. 2019
Playstore Release
The Valiant Little Tailor
In cooperation with Greenbox Animation we created the Game The Valiant Little Tailor. You play as the Assistent of the little Tailor and you work on a lot of different garnets for some fairytail characters. The game offers a quite unique puzzle mechanic and 13 challenging levels.
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Feb. 2019
University Project
Fantasy Realms
Delve into a fantastical world, where magic meets our known technical advances. Play as cop for magic related crimes and keep the city in order. This Game is can be considered a proof of concept or a demo. It is only available in the german Language.


Nov. 2018
VEGA Game-Jam
Space Traveller
You overslept the Apocalypse? Don't worry there might be still some time left, but your spaceship is broken and you're surrounded by vicious robots and all you have left is maybe 5 minutes. Better hurry up and get as much scrap as you can to repair your ship.
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Apr. 2018
Ludum Dare Game Jam 41
Officer Pain - The Smash Cop
Officer Pain is a quite different Detective. His Methods to gather Information's are his Fists. Beat up some suspects to solve their Cases, by hitting them on the right spot and make them reveal their crimes. Mixing a classic Beat'em Up with a puzzle detective Game, two rather Incompatible Genres.

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Aug. 2017
Ludum Dare Game Jam 39
Tower of Power
In this game all that matters is power. It's your health, currency and ammunition. So you better keep those pesky bugs away from your main unit if you want to keep it. Fend of endless ways of increasingly more formidable opponents in this strategic tower defense game.
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Mar. 2016
Bad Box Art Jam
Extreme Runner
Run as fast as you can and try not to get hit by balls, rockets or hockey player or basically anything. Run fast! Run faster! Run extremely fast!

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Mar. 2016
Game released
A little Spaceshooter
Pilot your own little space ship, which you can upgrade in any way you like to survive hordes of enemy space ships and meteorites. A typical top-down space shooter with an epic boss fight! Too easy? Try to beat the leaderboard.
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First Game created
New Fight
New Fight is the first digital game I ever made. In this short Game you pick a character and an opponent to battle in a round based manner with dynamics similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors.