The Valiant Little Tailor

The valiant little Tailor is a mobile Puzzle game set within the fantasy world of Grimms‘ Fairy Tales. As the apprentice of the famous little Tailor you make various clothes for well-known fairy tale characters. Arrange all the patterns on the fabric, trying to spare as many rows as possible. Get ready to be immersed into the fantasy world and hours of challenging puzzles.

This games is currently not available in the Playstore. Feel free to download the APK from my Git.

While I was employed by greenboxx animation we worked on the game The Valiant little Tailor. I fulfilled the roles of the Lead Gameplay Programmer and I was Part of the Game Design Team. Later I was hired as a freelancer to implement a englisch Version of the game. Greenboxx animation is a animation studio known for their incredible artistic skills and flexibility.